Saturday, September 20, 2008


I read some brutal news this morning when I logged on to myspace and saw that A-Trak had posted something about Travis and DJ AM being in his prayers so I immediately checked out google news to find out what happened. There was a plane crash and they were the 2 lucky survivors out of 6 that were in the crash. Here's a news story that covers most of what has happened to them and their recovery:
In better news about the guys, they had just released an album for free at the end of August that you can download for free at their website. Here's the link:
Here's the video from their album called "Fix Your Face" which is very eery since DJ AM is in a doctor's induced coma to get skin grafts on his face.

On a personal note I actually got to meet Travis Barker once in Moline Illinois and he was super nice and came over to talk to a group of my friends and myself and shook everyone's hands. I just saw DJ AM this summer at BFD and it was such a great time. I really hope the best for them and that they are able to return to good health and keep playing music

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